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Our Family

Saturday, April 20, 2013


My friend and I decided to start a 30 day exercise challenge.  After looking at a bunch of different ones on the internet, we chose the ones we preferred and adapted them into this easy to follow challenge. 

After posting on Facebook that I had started an Ab and Squat challenge, many of my friends were interested in it and wanted more info.  So I thought I might as well post it here too!  So here goes! 

Please comment below if you decide to follow it and how it's going!  I'm on day 4 right now and day 3 was pretty difficult..  But I'm not as sore today as I was yesterday, so hopefully my muscles are starting to get used to this..haha!

I'm loving this though...It's just in time for summer and I love knowing exactly what I need to be doing every day.  I also try to do either some walking, biking or elliptical every day so that I have maximum results.  It's not all about "looks" for me though.  It's about getting in shape and being healthy!  It's about being able to run up the stairs without feeling like I ran a marathon..lol  It's about playing with my kids without getting tired after 2 minutes..  It's about having more energy!! 

We made sooooo many good changes in this house in the past few years when it comes to the foods we eat.  And now I'm finally ready to push myself and get in shape!  I'm just 31.. I need to be more in shape...for myself and for my kids! :)



Day 1:     50 squats      
         50 sit-ups
                   30 second plank
Day 11:     100 squats      
           100 sit-ups
                    55 second plank
Day 21:    
Day 2:       55 squats      
            55 sit-ups
                      30 second plank
Day 12:     105 squats      
           105 sit-ups
                    55 second plank
Day 22:     155 squats      
             155 sit-ups
                      80 second plank
Day 3:     60 squats      
          60 sit-ups
                    35 second plank
Day 13:     110 squats      
            110 sit-ups
                     60 second plank
Day 23:     160 squats      
             160 sit-ups
                      85 second plank
Day 4:     65 squats      
          65 sit-ups
                    35 second plank
       Day 14:    
Day 24:     165 squats      
            165 sit-ups
                     85 second plank
Day 5:     70 squats      
          70 sit-ups
                    40 second plank
Day 15:     120 squats      
            120 sit-ups
                     65 second plank
Day 25:     170 squats      
            170 sit-ups
                     90 second plank
Day 6:     75 squats      
           75 sit-ups
                    40 second plank
Day 16:     125 squats      
            125 sit-ups
                     65 second plank
Day 26:     175 squats      
            175 sit-ups
                     90 second plank
    Day 7:                 
Day 17:     130 squats      
            130 sit-ups
                    70 second plank
Day 27:     180 squats      
            180 sit-ups
                     95 second plank
Day 8:     85 squats      
          85 sit-ups
                    45 second plank
Day 18:     135 squats      
            135 sit-ups
                     70 second plank
      Day 28:    
Day 9:     90 squats      
         90 sit-ups
                   50 second plank
Day 19:     140 squats       
           140 sit-ups
                   75 second plank
Day 29:     195 squats      
             195 sit-ups
                       100 second plank
Day 10:     95 squats      
           95 sit-ups
                     50 second plank
Day 20:     145 squats      
             145 sit-ups
                      75 second plank
Day 30:     200 squats      
            200 sit-ups
                      100 second plank


*Sit ups should include a combination of regular sit ups, leg raises and sit up twists (Google these if you’re unfamiliar with them and to make sure you’re doing them correctly).  Try to do as many exercises in one “sitting”.  If you can’t finish, take a break and try to finish a bit later.  The more exercise are done at one time, the better the results. 

* Don’t forget to take “before and after” pictures of yourself and even measure yourself (waist, hips, thighs..etc) on day one and again on day 30 so that you can clearly see your  results!!!!  :)

*Check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan.


  1. great idea for trying to hurt your friends...hahahahaha

  2. I am starting tonight ....modified like we talked about last night!! I'll let you know how it goes! ;)

  3. is great challenge good luck with it!



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